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Meet The Team

Isabel Romanus

Principal Designer / Owner

Casamia Interiors was founded by Isabel Romanus in 2017. Casamia Interiors is an interior design firm with it’s own trade as a cabinet maker and caters to discerning clients across the Saskatchewan region.    The founder and owner of Casamia Interiors, Isabel Romanus grew up in Mexico, where her passion for design started at a young age. This passion developed into a vision and goal to make the design process fun and easy. Isabel is a design force to be reckoned with and puts her heart and soul into every project and truly enjoys making each space reflect her client’s personal style and needs.   Isabel endeavors to give dimension to her client’s creative vision by producing unrivaled results that exceed expectations. She finds joy in the small things and takes great pride in listening to her client’s dreams and turning them into reality. With her Mexican roots and innovated vision, she continues learning everyday to give the best of her knowledge to her customers.

Trusted Partners

Casamia Interiors has completed fantastic projects but none of these would be possible without our trusted partners. We have been growing our list of great local companies that help us give the best service & products to our customers. Casamia Interiors understands that undergoing renovations can be overwhelming and would like to streamline the process for you by recommending only trusted professionals. Professionals that we trust with extensive experience in a broad range of custom projects such as ; commercial & residential, estate remodeling and new construction. From modern architectural to the restoration of old craftsman homes and green construction, Casamia Interiors proudly demonstrates quality craftsmanship, a high level of management and customer service

The Design Process

There’s no shame in an outdated home, in fact, we think its cause for celebration. Why do you ask?,  Because you get to choose your own adventure and submerge yourself in a process of creation that reflects your idea of beauty. Beauty that will eventually surround you and make your home the place you most want to be.  

  So how does Casamia Interiors help you through this process? We help you create the space, guide you through every step of the way, and ensure the process is as enjoyable as possible. All you have to do is dream about the space where your family memories will take place and watch them unfold into reality. Before talent, before design, and before anything else, know that we’re a dependable team of good humans and we have your back throughout the design process.

 Our design process is fun, easy, streamlined and methodical. Trust us with your ugly, unsavory, and outdated because this, friends, is where it gets good.

What are our customers saying?

We consulted with Casamia Interiors, because we had a problem, we couldn’t resolve, ‘how to get more effective use out of our kitchen?” What we didn’t know, is that when Isabel met with us to discuss our issue, she saw the unutilized potential of our home – so it wasn’t just a kitchen, that had us hamstrung, it was our main living area and Isabel’s expertise to take us to a place we didn’t think possible. While we’d seen the work of designer, Isabel Romanus had done previously on another project the vision she presented to us gave us confidence that she could take the blueprint from concept to reality; and in addition transform our problem to a home that better met with our lifestyle.   Isabel’s design provided continuity to our renovation, meaning it’s difficult to see, where the old exists and where the new begins – our floor plan flows better, the window coverings, paint, floors and fixtures all work with our existing furnishings and all complement each other. Our kitchen is today a joy to work in; it’s more efficient, the lighting is better, we have more storage and she created more work stations, something we lacked terribly.  Living in an older neighbourhood, I would go so far as to say, that when we’ve had visitors, family, friends – everyone crossing our threshold is visibly taken aback by the changes. Just as notable are the reactions we’ve had from trades people, inspectors and realtors – these are individuals who see a lot of homes and many, many renovations( both good and bad), … we have yet to one have one say, “you should done it this way or that.” To date, we’ve not received a single negative remark, meaning all the details, including the workmanship were taken care of.   Casamia Interiors left us and others in awe. Many months later, we still pinch ourselves over the changes that occurred because of Isabel’s design. I don’t know what more we could have asked from a designer – she understood our needs and guided us through some of the difficult decisions to make the change we needed.   We would without a doubt recommend Isabel’s creative instinct to anyone struggling with the overwhelming decision to renovate. "The Donelly's"

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